This is a vinyl wingless jump that has an upright stanchion that comes apart into 2 sections. What this gives you with the top portion removed is a very short upright section. So when working with small or more timid dogs it allows for direct and uninterupted lead thru the jump without the extra stanchion piece getting in the way.

We use commercial grade fencing vinyl with an industrial heat weld construction. The bottom foot swivels for easy storage.  All our jumps feature the new Clip & Go flexible jump cup strip for easy bar setting.

Jump Bars: Please note that this does not include the jump bar. If you would like to add a jump bar to your order, they are a separate order item. Jump bars add a significant cost to the shipping price (since they are 4' or 5') so we make them optional. You can find 1" schedule 40 white bars at your local hardware store.

Construction: Commercial fencing vinyl using heat welding process.  Jump cups are every 2 inches from 4 to 26 inch jump heights.

Finish: White

Emmy Jumps