Our competition teeters are design for heavy use and years of satisfaction. They meet the requirements for Venues that allow 12’ Teeters and are purchased and used by agility clubs nationwide for trials. Great for small or large dogs, these teeter are built to last and are designed for easy and safe height adjustment.

The metal base height is adjustable in 2 inch increments and features a metal bar rather then a chain. The base folds flat for easy movement and storage. As an added option, we also offer hold down brackets that fit into the base crossbars for bolting down for an additional cost.

    The metal frame is made from steel and powder coated. The decking is plywood that has been primed and painted and we use TPV rubber sprinkled on the surface for traction.

    Rubberized Surface: TPV sprinkled surface.

    Venue requirements:

    • AKC - 42" contact zones with no slats
    • USDAA - 36" contact zones with no slats
    • UKI - 36" contact zones with no slats
    • CPE - 36" contact zones with no Slats


    • Contacts offered in  teal or yellow
    • Main area in blue, purple, red or teal or a mix.
    • We stock this teeter in a rubber surface with yellow contact and blue main body which ship immediately. Custom color combinations take 10 - 14 days to ship.

    Teeter - Competition 12' With Adjustable Base (Sprinkle Rubber Surface)


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