At Waldorf we offer a wide variety of amenities to make your pets stay feel more like home. We can customize your pets stay to fit your preferences! With that in mind, we provide extra services listed below to accommodate your pets needs during their stay with us. We understand not all these services are for everyone, but in an effort to help make everyone's stay with us feel more like home we provide every option possible.

Our nightly rate includes​
  • Walks & Outdoor Time (dogs) in our fully fenced play yards

  • Premium Entertainment

  • Free Food (grain free sweet potato, and salmon), or we will feed your food as directed

  • Lots of Lovin' & Spoilin'

  • Accommodations of Special Diets and Medications-if your pet is on a special diet or medication please bring them with you at time of drop off, with instruction of how to administer them. 

Extra Play Time
These services are great for those that require more exercise, or training
  • Play time with staff member-$10

  • Nature walk around property-$10

  • Agility course run through-$20

  • Skateboard Run-$20

  • Dog socialization (car trips, field trips)- $15

  • Tracking session-$25

Room service
  • Cottage cheese w/toast-$3

  • Chicken breast w/rice-$5

  • Steak w/rice-$12

  • Turkey bacon-$3

  • Home-made biscuit treat-$1

  • Pumpkin treat-$1

  • Special treat (kong filled treat)-

  • Large-$2 

  • Medium-$1.50 

  • Small-$1