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Cat Boarding

Kennel space

Cats are welcomed to their own "kitty condo" in a peaceful, quiet room completely separate from the dog boarding area. Your cat will enjoy their own 4' by 3' condo that can be expanded to include 3 levels. Their condo is complete with an elevated sleeping area, litter box and privacy from the other feline visitors. Mounted on the opposite wall, a TV is dedicated to providing your cat with his/her own source of bird-watching entertainment. 


For the benefit of your pet, Waldorf Kennels recommends that you bring your pets food from home. This helps prevent upset stomachs. However, we do provide our premium house food for $3/per day/per pet.

Check in/Check out

Check-out time is between 9am & 11am Monday-Saturday. If you pick up before 11am on your day of departure, you are not charged for that day of boarding. Check-in is between 2pm & 5pm Monday-Friday. If you drop off before 11am there is an additional charge of $10. We are closed for pick-ups and drop offs on Sundays and all major holidays. Special pick-ups and drop offs can be arranged for Sundays for an additional fee.

Vaccination requirements 

To keep your pet healthy and happy during and after their stay at Waldorf Kennels we requaire your cat be up to date on the following.



-Flea control

Boarding charges begin the day of arrival.

Checkout time is scheduled before 11AM Monday - Saturday

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