Boarding & Rates

At Waldorf Kennels, we understand that your pet is an important part of your family! This is why we go above and beyond what is expected from most pet care facilities. Our staff is comprised of individuals that will care for your pet as if he were their own. Whether it's a short weekend getaway, a business trip or the family's big vacation, be assured that your pet is receiving the exceptional care you expect and the love and attention they deserve!


We are open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm and Saturday from 9am - 12pm. Closed Sundays to the public (but we are here to care for the dogs)

Bring your pets favorite bed, blankets, or toys to make their stay more comfortable


**(please note that we do not provide bedding or toys, if you wish for your dog to have a bed or a blanket please bring these items with you at drop off)**

Dog Boarding


Your dog will enjoy his stay in a private, 6' by 4' indoor kennel complete with a fountain-style water bowl and a radiant-heated sleeping area to stay warm on those extra cold nights. Premium Bose speakers fill the atmosphere with relaxing classical music. Each of our 30 indoor kennels adjoin to their own outdoor run, which vary from 6' to 10' in length. Our daily rate includes two walks/time off leash twice a day.


At Waldorf Kennels we know that all pets are unique and that their nutritional needs can differ. We have found that bringing your pets food from home helps ensure they do not have any digestion issue during and after their stay with us. We offer premium dry dog and cat food in our daily rate, if you should forget your food, or if your pets food runs out before the end of their stay.

Price: $40 per night (additional dogs staying in the same kennel are $35 per night) Nightly rate is the same for all dogs regardless of size, age, or breed.

Cat Boarding

Cats are welcomed to their own "kitty condo" in a peaceful, quiet room completely separate from the dog boarding area. Up to 15 cats can enjoy their own 4' by 3' enclosure that includes an elevated sleeping area with privacy from the other feline visitors. Mounted on the opposite wall, a TV is dedicated to providing your cat with her own source of bird-watching entertainment. As always, the unlimited, nutritious food is provided at no additional cost and petting is free too!

Price: $25 per night

Boarding charges begin the day of arrival.

Checkout time is scheduled before 10AM Monday - Saturday